The Monstermakers

Howard Boward160x160

From the moment he was born, Howard Boward has been obsessed with science. His first words were “Theodorus Ursus Arctos,” which, as near as anyone can tell, is Latin for Teddy Bear. When Howard was 3 years old, he disassembled the family refrigerator and used the parts to create a multi-functional robot. Unfortunately, those functions did not include walking, speaking or doing robot stuff. (It could, however, leak various fluids and keep sodas cold in its stomach.) Howard is in the seventh-grade at Dolley Madison Middle School and his hobbies are making good grades, inventing things and having his underwear pulled up over the back of his head. Not all of these hobbies are Howard’s idea. This is his first book.


Ron Bates

Ron Bates is a writer of books, columns, short stories, magazine articles, tweets, commercials, emails, grocery lists and bad (but occasionally funny) poetry. While he does not have Howard’s remarkable scientific gifts, he is equally skilled at breaking things. Like his co-author, some of his best friends are monsters. He lives and works in Texas.

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